For many years now, we have known that eating cruciferous vegetables is a good way of decreasing the chance of getting prostate cancer. So what is it about these vegetables that has
an anti-cancer effect? And how does it work? It turns out the active ingredient in cruciferous vegetables that’s responsible is something called 3,3′-diindolylmethane, or DIM for short. Previous studies have shown that DIM slows down the growth rate of prostate cancer cells and also causes them to die by stimulating apoptosis. But that’s not all!

All prostate cancers are stimulated by male hormone testosterone. That’s why one of the most popular ways to fight prostate cancer is by decreasing the testosterone effect with anti-testosterone drugs. These drugs are not needed!!! That’s because DIM does the same thing! The beauty of DIM, though, is that its ant-testosterone effect is limited to prostate cancer cells! This means no serious side effects of anti-testosterone drugs. The new study not only points out how effective DIM is at doing this, but also shows how DIM works!
After given 225 mg of DIM, twice a day, for two weeks! It shut down the androgen receptors! In fact now 96% of the prostates had a complete absence of androgen receptors. After initially 100% first tested positive for receptors. PSA levels went down in 71% of the men tested after taking the DIM for only two weeks!

Ref: Hwang,C.,S. Sethi, et. al. “Anti-androgenic activity of absorption-enhanced 3, 3′-diindolylmethane in prostectemy patients” Am j Transl Res. 2016 January 15;8(1):166-76


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Top 2 Must Read Cancer Cure books

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Hello Everyone,

I hope the information that you will find within this website will be extremely helpful to you. As you may know I have and am still battling Cancer. This battle has changed my life and honestly I would have to say, mostly for the better!  You must know that everyone is different. One  person may respond differently to the same protocol.

I will explain to you my journey. Who I had referenced, when I was first diagnosed. like many of you,  I was scared and needing to make quick decisions. The first thing I want you to know ” You did not just get cancer!”. Cancer took years to grow in you! You do not have to rush to make a decision on what treatment and path you should take. Your doctors will tell you that you have to do one of the traditional, three methods (surgery, chemo, or radiation) right away! Please try to take my advice on this ” YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT” Take your time! listen to your intuition!!! Find a doctor that you trust! Trust your intuition and follow your heart!!!  Research for your self, all treatments available! there are 300 published alternative cures. (30 in my opinion that really help for various types of cancer).

I have laid out in this site my sources that I first went to and relied on. These sources provided me the information and guidance to save my life, buy me the time to be more secure in my decisions Not only did I get the time to have the courage to follow my intuition, I actually found my soul and happiness in the process!

I started with the book ” World without Cancer, The Story OF Vitamin B17″ by Edward Griffin. I read the book in two days. It totally made me understand, that I was going to be ok! My fear went away. My need to even know more, and interest in the history of cures was so elevated!! I went and ordered my second book by The great Dr. Leonard Coldwell, “The Only Answer to Cancer”.

  A World Without Cancer Book  gave a in depth understanding of the history of alternative (homeopathic) medicine, and their use in cures of cancer. While the book focused mostly on the story around B17 (Amygdalin, Laetrile) and the wonderful stories of what this alternative medicine had accomplished.The book explained why the AMA, FDA, NCI, go out of their way to distort the truth and benefits of these cures. Edward Griffin is a renowned investigative Journalist! This book was so interesting and informative. I would rate it a ” Must Read”, A 10 on scale of 1 to 10!

The book THE ONLY ANSWER TO CANCER Book  By Dr. Leonard Coldwell, who is a remarkable man to say the least! This book, if you did not yet have the Courage you need to follow your heart and do what your soul tells you? this book will get you there. This Dr Coldwell is amazing and has the highest known cure rate of anyone in the world. He explains in depth what one needs to do to live when diagnosed with Cancer!! I was in awe of his accomplishments! His name should be a house hold name. His book has been printed in almost every language in the world!

I also rate this a “MUST READ” and a 10 if you or a loved one is battling Cancer




5 benefits to detoxing

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Detoxing your body is vital for good health. Detoxing, includes detoxing your colon, kidney’s, liver, skin and digestive tract! Always start detoxing first your colon. If your Colon is clogged up? You won’t be able to expel bile and waste from other body parts.

the 5 Major Benefits of Detoxing are:

  1. Healthy Immune System
  2. Reduce inflamation
  3. Support digestion and weight Loss.
  4. Promotes healthy skin
  5. Boost Energy

Lack of energy is a key sign that your body is not operating efficiently.  This will lead to disease and sickness if not addressed. A diminished Immune system, coupled with lack of energy, obesity and unhealthy skin are all signs that first must be addressed by detoxing ones body!