Suzanne Somers

Three popular Natural treatments,  that are used widely today in other countries for Cancer treatments.

These natural treatments all have a long history of success and a ton of information is available to support these claims.

1. Hemp (CBD oil)  Causes apoptosis in cancer cells. Sold in pharmacies till late 1930’s.

1a, Cancer patients receiving Chemo and radiation, can’t hold down food and usually throw up, Hemp (marijuana) increases the appetite! This is vital for Chemo and radiation patients.

1b, Declaration of Indepence is written on hemp paper. More paper can be produced from hemp than trees. 1 acre of hemp will produce more paper than 10 acres of trees.

2. Life one, marketed as a immune stimulant, is a combination of 8 or 9 natural herbs, helps mitigate the effects of radiation. This is marketed as immune stimulant, not a cancer cure! The best cancer cures are the ones that stimulate the immune system!

3. Vitamin B17, (kernels found in apricot seeds.) also known as amygdalin. In IV form used medically in clinics for cancer treatment.  In this form B17 is referred as Laetrile.