Alternative Therapies and Herbal Remedies

 Alternative Therapies &
Herbal Remedies for Medical Treatments

Alternative therapies

are not quite as ‘alternative’

as it used to be.

The practices themselves

haven’t changed all that much

in the last few thousand years!

Acupuncture is still acupuncture, for instance, and aromatherapy and herbal medicines still work the way that they always have.

What has changed is how we look at natural healing medical therapies. This is true of the general public as well as the medical establishment.

These natural alternatives to prescription and/or over the counter medications are gaining acceptance as their benefits become more widely understood, and the side effects lists of drugs gets longer.

Some medical schools in the western world are finally including these alternative and complimentary treatments in their coursework!

Some alternative therapies are being adopted by hospitals and clinics as part of the treatment offered.

Whether complimentary approaches like massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation and relaxation techniques are used alongside conventional medicine, or alternative healing therapies like herbs, essential oils, art, music, or homeopathy, may be used Instead of conventional medicine, it is slowly but surely becoming an increasingly accepted part of modern medicine!

Alternative Medical Therapy Treats
the Entire Person

Natural medicine of all types share the core value that a medical practitioner needs to treat the entire person, called holistic healing or holistic medicine, rather than just trying to alleviate symptoms.

The techniques involved in alternative medicine are minimally invasive or completely non-invasive, since they do not require surgical intervention or traditional pharmaceuticals with their numerous side effects.

It’s already known how and why Some alternative medical treatments work, due to the extensive clinical studies done on their effects and benefits.

However, there are many, many others that have not been studied enough yet to understand the value that they bring to modern science, and the United States’ basic general physical health.

Science and research are, unfortunately, bogged down by the weight of bureaucracy, corporations, greed, mega-money, and political favors.

The fact that so many alternative ways to heal are either free, cheap, and/or readily available, and don’t need a committee to govern and tax them, of course make them unpopular with the ones in charge of this stuff.

As a patient, what matters the most is that these remedies can be highly effective in treating a variety of conditions, maladies, dis-eases, and aches and pains.

It’s become common for people to start exploring complementary and alternative medicine when they’ve been unable to find relief from conventional medical treatment.

It’s also something which people may seek in order to complement conventional treatment or to alleviate the side effects of prescription medication which they’re taking. Others seek out alternative medicine before they become ill in the first place.

Many complementary and alternative therapies, herbs, foods, are excellent choices for maintaining health and preventing illness in the first place.

When to Use Alternative Medical Therapies

While there is no wrong way or wrong time to seek out alternative or complementary medicine, the best time to seek alternative medical therapy treatment is as early as possible.

The goal is to avoid the use of conventional pharmaceuticals and the many, often serious, side effects which can accompany their use.

Almost always, alternative and natural therapies pose little risk of side effects, and are nearly always safe to use, but it is recommended that you be under the supervision of a natural medicine practitioner. At the very least, you should read about any possible side-effects, as they are possible.

Whether you’re currently in good health and want to find ways to help you stay healthy, or you are concerned about a medical condition that you may be experiencing, your first course of action should be to seek out advice from a health care practitioner.

Hopefully, your next course of action will be to research an alternative way to heal your body.

We hope to give you enough stories and tips and information to enable you to “Heal Thyse

 Alternative Treatments for Cancer that can be done at home!

Most highly potent alternative cancer treatments (i.e. protocols) combine several supplements (and may include gentle electromedicine) to accomplish all of the needed tasks. Some of the top alternative cancer treatments today, which can be done at home, include:
Cellect-Budwig (nutrients),
High RF Frequency Devices – i.e. Rife Machines (electromedicine, reverts cancer cells into normal cells), usually a supplemental protocol,
Cesium Chloride (minerals and nutrients),
Photon Protocol (supplements and electromedicine) Dirt Cheap Protocol (its real name – it is for people who cannot a ord the more expensive protocols)
Bob Beck Protocol (electromedicine, builds immune system),
Bill Henderson Protocol (nutrients and immune builders),
LifeOne Protocol (nutrients), various Oleander protocols (nutrients),
Brandt Grape Cure (nutrients), etc.,
In some cases these protocols can be combined and in some cases they cannot be combined. For example, one rule is to only use one highly alkaline protocol per day.
 for Further information on these protocols