Alternative Therapies for living a Healthy Lifestyle and maintaining ultimate health!

Alternative Therapies-
Alternatives To Doctors And Drugs!

Alternative Healing Options
Alternative Ways To Heal!

Alternative Healing Remedies CAN Change Your Health!

Pharmaceutical companies and western medicine Want You To Believe that Your Healing Options Are Limited to medical doctors and prescription medications.

The problem is that Many of these prescriptions actually Cause Further Damage to the body, which requires More prescriptions to deal with the side effects They cause! These are all counter productive to living a health lifestyle!

If you watch TV, then you can’t help but see the Extreme amount of drug ads, pushing new and Sometimes Barely Tested drugs on us (yes, Really).

Did you know that in MOST countries it is ILLEGAL for pharmaceutical companies to Advertise?!

What we consider here in the U.S. as ’alternative’ or ‘complementary alternative medicine’, (or ‘natural, or ‘herbal’, or ‘ancient’, or …) has actually been in existence for as long as man has been on this planet!

Before man-made chemicals were introduced, native remedies consisted mainly of plants. Leaves, stems, barks, seeds, roots, flowers, oils, all derived from local vegetation.

Plants were ground into poultices, brewed into teas, inhaled as aromatherapy, or smoked as dried herbs. Alternative Healing Finds the Root Cause

Alternative Healing just works differently.

These healing options address the Root Cause of the problem and work to bring about better health in an individual.

Unlike most prescription medications that have been around for less than fifty years, these Alternative Remedies are items that you find in Nature and have Thousands of Years of Proof that show that

They JUST WORK! Most prescription medications that are prescribed today have not even been around long enough for us to know what the ‘Long-Term’ Side Effects will be! There is an Alarming Epidemic of Pain-Pill Addictions and Accidental Overdoses.

Do You Really Want to expose Yourself or a Loved One to a Life-Robbing, Crippling Addiction to pharmaceutical-strength pain medications?

There are So Many *Alternative* Ways to Heal!

Did you know –

that recent numbers show that 80% of the World’s pain meds are consumed in the United States, which has only 5% of the world’s population?!

And that accidental prescription drug overdoses are now the leading cause of Preventable Deaths here in the U.S., more than car accidents?

And prescription pain pills lead to a Higher crime rate and More health problems?

States with medical marijuana available as a substitute for pain pills, have a Lower rate of prescription painkiller overdoses each year?

Have you ever actually Read the inserts that come with your prescriptions?

It’s enough to make you sick(er)!

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