My first 6 Steps-that one must do, if they are suffering from a diagnosis of a serous disease!

-First, Do a Detox of your Total body! Start with Colon, liver, digestive tract, kidney’s (in that order)
-2nd. Change Diet! Cut out all sugars, fructose, definitely all refined sugars and sweeteners! Get body to burn fat instead of sugar. Goal is to have body in state of ketosis. Eat all non-GMO foods. Anything in a bag or box, is not good for you! Eat all live foods. If food can go bad or rot? It is the kind of food you want to eat. Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables and some nuts! Restrict all dairy products and breads.
-3rd. Exercise daily!

-4th. Take important Vitamins, herbs, supplements
– best way to get essential vitamin and nutrients is drinking fresh pressed juices from Veggies!

-5th Find the time to meditate and reduce stress. Stress is silent killer!

6th- Ground your body to earth and get as much natural sun light as possible! (Grounding your body to earth is simply getting sun light in your bare feet while standing on ground!


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