Fasting for Energy

The Production of Ketones

Burning ketones/fat instead of glucose as a primary fuel source provides numerous healthy lifestyle benefits, including for many types of cancer

In order for your body to produce and utilize ketones, you must restrict your consumption of foods that get converted into glucose in the body. This includes both sugar and starch as well as high levels of protein.
Intermittent fasting is great for increasing energy, mental clarity and the body becoming in a state of ketosis.

Ketone metabolism produces an abundant amount of cellular energy (36 ATP) as compared to glucose metabolism (2 ATP). In addition, glucose metabolism produces a tremendous amount of metabolic waste and in ammation, compared to ketone metabolism. This makes ketones a much cleaner energy source than glucose. As a result, a ketone- or fat-adapted

Dietary fat and stored fat in the body is broken down into Fatty Acids which are converted in the liver to Ketone Bodies The Fatty Acids are converted to Ketone Bodies by the liver
Ketone Bodies become the primary fuel source for the brain and body instead of glucose

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