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Fight 4 Ur Health! Your source for the latest Lifestyle, Health, News and Reviews on living a HEALTHY Lifestyle. You will find information on alternative cures, cancer organizations, cancer hospitals, vitamins and supplements, nutrition, essential oils, Juicing recipes. Reviews on top health books as they relate to living a healthy lifestyle, disease free life! Everything Organic, NON-GMO, anti-aging info, all discussed here! My decision to forgo traditional treatment and opt for alternative treatment for cancer.

My name is Bryn Shaw, I was diagnosed with Cancer in June of 2016 at 54 years old.  I had lived what I thought was a healthy lifestyle. My years had been spent owning and running one of the largest health and fitness gyms in the state of Maryland.

I had thought that I was familiar with what was the proper diet and nutrition that one should consume to live a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time I was working out for at least 4 to 5 times each and every week for 35 years. Believing all along that I had ate well (usually a low-fat, high protein diet). My life by many would be considered successful. I looked healthy, succesful and currently own multiple businesses. My family and I, live in a nice community. My son Bryson, is a local high school sports star. Bryson is being pursued by the biggest names in college sports.  He attends a prestigious private High School located in Potomac, Md. I am married to a beautiful wife. I have a lovely daughter and grandson. Life was going along just fine and then I was diagnosed with cancer.

I have learned a lot over the last year! My decision not to do any radiation, chemo or hormone therapy that my doctors wanted me to, was not received well.  One year later, I am healthier now than I have ever been. I look better, feel better and eat better. Approximately 6months ago, November, 2016, my doctors could not find any signs of cancer in me? We were happy! They were confounded by these results.  When taking my MRI’s, CT scans, blood tests, genomics tests, all came back with no signs of cancer tumors or circulating cancer cells. I spent 6 month’s, non stop reading books, you tube video’s and joining everything I could. Watching everything that discussed health, disease and cancer

I realized that I was interested in and passionate about what I had just learned. This period of research was vital for me. I want to be healthy and live a clean good rewarding life. I had thought that I was going to be lead to dis-pair, and feeling helpless. Luckily, the opposite happened. I felt relieved and at piece with the world. I learned to meditate, eat the right foods and lost 30 lbs. People told me that I looked great. Not knowing that I was battling cancer? When I went to get my scans, I saw all the people taking radiation, chemo and how horribly sick they looked. I know then that I had to treat myself with Immunology and by alternative methods. I discuss all these here within this site.

Happily, I found that there are cures! That one does not have to suffer! That diet and nutrition are very important! There are many places around the world, doing incredible alternative procedures. These homeopathic doctors and hospitals are curing very sick and late stage cancer patients. Most of these patients had run the three traditionally offered  (usually unsuccessful)  cancer protocols offered by their mainstream doctors.

I hope this site will help people, help themselves to live longer, healthier lives!!! We will try

to share all the info that one would need to get help for whatever ailment one may have.

By G. Edward Griffin
The Story of Vitamin B17 One of the most in-depth book I ever read! A must read! click on book to order
Dr. Coldwell
“35,000 cancer patients found their way to Dr. Coldwell, and left cured!”
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