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  1. Innovative and cutting-edge Personalized Cancer Therapy

Medical expertise based on over 35 years of clinical experience and research

Our Approach to Cancer:

Our goal is to provide sophisticated cancer care utilizing a person

alized and targeted therapy approach. 

Our personalized cancer therapy utilizes an understanding of each patient’s genetic make-up to unravel the biology of their cancer and identifies effective treatment strategies using targeted therapies that are aimed at specific genes or proteins that are found only in cancer cells or their environment.


Established in 1977, the Burzynski Clinic has grown to be a nationally and internationally recognized cancer center that provides cutting-edge cancer treatments. 

For over 35 years, Dr. Burzynski’s cancer research and patient care has been inspired by the philosophy of the physician Hippocrates: ‘First, do no harm’. Therefore, our approach to treatment is ‘personalized’ in an atttempt to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects for each cancer patient

The Burzynski Clinic has extensive experience with the combination of targeted agents and the drug phenylbutyrate (PB), which targets multiple genetic abnormalities simultaneously. This experience is documented in published articles in the peer-reviewed literature.

Burzynski Cancer Clinic in Houston TX
My Wife and I meet with Dr. Burzynski at the Burzynski Clinic


Dr Burzynski, again beats persecution by Texas Medical board! On March 4th, 2017, in a Houston Texas Court room. Texas Medical Boards 30 year battle against Dr Burzynski was in Court again today for the 6th or 7th time.

The court ruled Dr. Burzynski had to only pay $60,000. Instead of the $360,000 the Texas Medical board had imposed and also the over 100 counts brought against Dr Burzynski were dropped.

The FDA and Texas Medical Boards persecution of this hero, to protect the Big Pharma deadly drugs Huge Profits is outrageous!

Please watch the Documentary  ” The American Cover Up For The Cure of Cancer: Dr Burzynski ( Amazon Prime has it on there for Free)