Detoxing as Natural Remedies for a Healthy Lifestyle

Body detoxing, Green Juicing, Healthy LifestyleMust detox total body! (liver, colon, digestive tract, kidneys, skin, lungs)

This is a commitment to do. I cringed at first at the thought of having to do Green Juicing, Detoxing daily as part of my Natural remedies.. When it comes to living or dying? This is really not bad at all! I actually don’t mind the Coffee enemas and The Alkaline enemas anymore now that I do it daily.

Are  you are battling metastatic cancer that has spread to multiple areas and your doctor’s have told you there is no more than can do? You must go all out detoxing, Not only do you have to get all the years of drugs, toxins and many other build ups from your body, You have to get your immune system running optimally again.  You must do Coffee enemas and detoxing  at least 1 time daily!

You can buy Coffee Enemas on Amazon. I suggest that you read the reviews. It may freak you out at what comes out of your body! I personally did not experience that but have been told of 2 foot parasites and read of crazy things. It’s easy to see how detoxing should be something everyone does. It is like changing your oil in your car or Changing air filter in your home furnace/air conditioner! In fact if you have not done this in 3 month’s?? Go change that now!! dirty air, recirculating in your home is very un-healthy!!