Three things that are Vital to a disease free, cancer free and Healthy lifestyle

Why alkaline retardation, cell division and Oxygen are all tied to all chronic disease!


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Oxygen is critical for cells to work.

A commonality of chronic disease is low oxygen INSIDE CELLS. (*This is called “intracellular-oxygen”)

Meaning… the oxygen is having trouble transferring from the blood, through the cell wall.

This is largely due to defective cell membranes (- the cell wall is made up of)

Defective cell membranes are the result of damaged phospholipids – which these membranes are made up of.

Let me explain….

The membrane of our cells is called the phospholipid-bilayer.

These cell membranes become defective, because modern diets are largely void of healthy phospholipids and essential fatty acids that make up this membrane.

This is what happens when you process, preserve, heat-treat and manipulate foods, oils and fats.

…You severely damage the lipids your cells require to work and properly transfer oxygen.

An example: partially-hydrogenated oils, found in over 83% of processed foods, are plastic-fats.

They can’t transfer oxygen. And they can’t conduct electricity needed to function. So any cell membrane relying on lipids from common dietary sources become defective.

Here’s WHY;

Oxidation via food processing is instantaneous and deemed necessary for shelf-preservation. Which is the removal of oxygen. The problem is our bodies use these oxygen-void foods to also build new cells… and then our cells can’t carry oxygen either!

*So for simplicity; cell walls that can’t properly transfer oxygen inside of them = LOW CELLULAR OXYGEN.

…And when oxygen can’t get from outside the cells, to inside the cells, bodily breakdown and disease happen;

Pathogens takeover, and oxidative stress and inflammation result in thickening of blood and damage to cells & cardiovascular system – affecting your heart, brain, liver – and other vital organs. Circulation problems arise, your immune system becomes overwhelmed, and your health breaks down faster than your body can repairitself…

For example;

Disease; like Cancer happens due to LACK OF CELLULAR OXYGEN!

This was a discovery made by Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, 1931 — who wrote about it in his research titled ”The Metabolism of Tumors” in Germany…

He discovered that weakened cell respiration causes cancer due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level.


Voltage (in the form of electrons) is what gives your cells their “charge”.

(*In other words… it’s your cells “battery-pack”…)

And if you live with negative symptoms of any kind, you have low-voltage.

Voltage, like oxygen – is a problem of the bodily state of alkaline-retardation.

Because like oxygen, the amount of voltage that can be stored in your cells is also dictated by the integrity of phospholipids your cell membranes are made up of.

The same damaged phospholipids that prevent oxygen transfer, also prevent the storage of voltage.

Because your cells store the voltage in these membranes.

…And you can’t store voltage in damaged cell membranes.

(Which is another reason the Oxygen/Voltage problem goes hand it hand…)

Which brings me to the last part of Dr OTTO’s findings…

*In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for showing that cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic conditions… 


It’s widely known today that the presence of high acidity is a sign there is likely disease in the body.

Here’s why…

The part you likely haven’t been told: (High Acidity = Low Voltage)

…Which means, high-voltage = alkaline.

In other words… “an alkaline body”, which is represented by your PH (*or potential hydrogen) level – is an alternative representation of sufficient cellular voltage!

A naturally-high PH in your body is due to an oxygen rich environment with sufficient voltage.

On the flip-side… attempting to “raise your PH” is practically useless if you can’t store voltage.

(*This is why many folks try to binge on “alkaline foods” and can’t seem to remedy a damn thing!)

Here’s how voltage in your body works…

*A “normal PH”, which is 7.35 — is what you naturally get when you have a “normal” cellular voltage of -20 millivolts.

*A “normal PH”, which is 7.35 — is what you naturally get when you have a “normal” cellular voltage of -20 millivolts.

*On the opposite end of the spectrum… cancer occurs at +30 millivolts.

-50mv – during healing

-20mv – normal operating

-15mv – tired

-10mv – sick

-5mv – organ damage

-(below 0) …reversal of polarity and damaged DNA in the cell. Cancer happens

Now, you may have heard from you Doctor or common rumors that illnesses – like Cancers – are “genetic” conditions….

This was actually disproved by Thomas Seyfried, who in his book “Cancer is a Metabolic Disease” — demonstrated that genetic changes are SECONDARY to LOW VOLTAGE in cells!

(You can actually measure voltage in your body using things like an “OHM meter” directed at problem areas or your organs & chakras…)

…So what you REALLY WANT to improve your health isn’t “PH” per se…. it’s voltage!

And your body stores and uses voltage in the form of electrons.

Electrons possess an amazing healing capacity – including supplying cellular voltage, anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effects.

When you can’t properly store voltage (electrons) in your cells, your body is in —

A State of Alkaline-Retardation!

Alkaline-retardation — is the common-bodily state, when cell membranes are void in the necessary phospholipids & materials required to store electrons, transfer oxygen, and properly duplicate.

*I’ll repeat that —

“ Alkaline-retardation — is the common-bodily state, when cell membranes are void in the necessary phospholipids & materials required to store electrons, transfer oxygen, and properly duplicate.”

This results in the body using more electrons than readily available…. causing a drainage of necessary voltage.

(*especially when bodily stressors are introduced… more on that in a moment)

This is the truth about alkalinity.

— *If you can’t store electrons, you are suffering from alkaline-retardation

— *If you can’t store electrons, your body will always be ACIDIC.


*If you fix your ability to store voltage (electrons), and you restore necessary electrons, then your body will be ALKALINE.

ALKALINE = Electrons present.

ACIDIC = Electrons void.

Cellular voltage is what truly achieves “alkalinity” in your body. (Not simply “raising your PH”)

AGAIN: This is why guzzling “lemon juice” or baking soda, isn’t going to cure all problems… because your cell membranes are still not addressed!

This is why countless folks with health ailments can’t breakthrough by simple “consuming alkaline foods”…

Because they can’t properly store voltage in their cells!

To store proper voltage in your cells – you need to repair and build healthy new cell membranes.

Then you need to put tons of electrons in your body, to restore & maintain sufficient voltage!

*This is how REAL “alkalinity” is achieved in your body!

…This is why you can’t get needed phospholipids from lemon juice or baking soda!

Nor can you from your favorite “green-juice”… or even decent electron-donors like vitamin C.

Because they don’t address the cause behind alkaline-retardation:

— they don’t supply necessary undamaged phospholipids and essential fatty acids! 

— they don’t fix your cells’ ability to store voltage!

— they don’t provide all necessary materials to build new cells that work!

Sufficient voltage (in the form of electrons) is essential for your health…

Your Body uses Voltage to:

– control hormones

– heal infections

– deflect pathogens

– neutralize toxins

– regulate emotions

And remember: as voltage drops, oxygen drops


Low-Oxygen & Voltage — Due to Alkaline-Retardation, Causes This to Happen In Your Body…

Your body is home to over 1 trillion “sleeping” microbes.

When your oxygen is low it results in the awakening of dormant microbes…. which begin to proliferate and thrive.

When oxygen drops, these bugs wake up…

They then put out digestive enzymes that digest your cells and suck the nutrients out of them!

When your voltage is low:

—> your body makes more toxins

——> which lowers voltage more…

———> resulting in more pathologic infections

————> this cycle continues.

As this continues… these “pathogenic enzymes” spread throughout your blood and body, and cause what you know as chronic and auto-immune diseases.

A neglected state of alkaline-retardation always leads to;

— thickening of the blood

— full body overtaken with pathogens, infiltrating every crevasse of your gut, blood, and organs

— inflammation via immune response, feeding more and more pathogenic activity.

— (*choose your symptoms and disorder…)

Because overall, a state of alkaline-retardation leads to —

The Inability to Create New Cells That Work.

We are supposed to create new cells that work, when our cells divide.

3) Division.

Cell-division, the process where we actually “create new cells”, is both where LIFE and DEATH happen…

Well, cells with membranes that can’t store voltage are going to replicate into new cells that also – can’t store voltage!

Because during cell-division, the current cell must contain enough electron-capable phospholipids and fatty acids – in it’s surface, to divide off and create the new cell.

When this process is handicapped, your body begins to slowly die.

…And when cell-membranes become too-inactive before division of cells take place  — it results in the formation of tumors.

This is why destroying cell membranes and lowering voltage in our bodies results in chronic and terminal diseases.

In addition to integral cell membranes, and sufficient electrons…. our body also requires an abundance of essential nutrients and raw materials at once — to successfully create new cells that work!

*This is a MAJOR KEY:

“Your body most successful creates new cells when it receives all necessary materials AT ONCE!”

(*Remember that last note… it’s vital)

But everything is only possible – with the cellular inability to transfer oxygen and store voltage.

The modern day epidemic affecting our health (in addition to the absence of quality dietary phospholipids), is TOXINS.

Now we all know this… but here’s the connection:

*Toxins are electron-stealers(*meaning toxins STEAL our cellular-voltage!)

And today, MORE TOXIC ASSAULTS burden our bodies than ever before…

…From the contaminants in our tap water, to processed foods, pesticides & herbicides, air pollution, ocean contamination, hormone-disruptors like BPA in plastics, off-gassing furniture in our homes and mattresses we sleep on, to the constant radiation and electromagnetic fields were all getting bombarded by via modern day technology, power plants, antennas and cell-towers….

And here’s the result: (*in order of occurance)

1 —> We take in toxins.

2 ——> The toxins create harmful free-radicals in your body.

3 ———> Oxidative-stress results, when your body can’t neutralize free-radicals fast enough.

4 ————> Excessive inflammation destroys your body from the inside out…

(…Ever wonder why all epidemic conditions are referred to as “inflammatory diseases?”)

Picture this…

Every cell in your body gets approximately 10,000 free-radical attacks each and every DAY

Now multiply those 10,000 attacks — by the many TRILLIONS of cells in your body!

10,000 attacks, times 100 trillion cells in your body, to exact.

That’s a LOT of free radicals that produce damage and modify cell functions, mitochondria, and DNA – disrupting the harmonic life-processes taking place in your body that keep you healthy and alive!

This is why diseases begin to develop as more and more oxidative stress accumulates in your body.

…When a critical amount of inflammation and damage occurs to any bodily region of genetic vulnerability, then it eventually earns itself an assigned label of disease (— such as diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, etc.)

This is why the “free radical theory” states: Accumulated free radical damage – (as a result of oxidative stress), causes cellular processes to fall apart and our insides begin aging & decaying RAPIDLY.

This means, a prolonged oxidative stress burden eventually leads to death.

Why is this particularly relevant?

Because low voltage + low oxygen causes your body to get caught in a “washer machine action” type of oxidative-stress trap.

(…So you can’t EVER feel great and be incredibly healthy with insufficient voltage & oxygen!)

“Low O+V = The ultimate OS Accelerator”

Because Low Voltage + Low Oxygen = “Oxidative-Stress ACCELERATOR!”

Here’s how it works…

As I stated a moment ago… “toxins are electron-stealers”.


1 — Toxins in the body drain voltage

*Lowered voltage results in lower intracellular oxygen (inside cells)

2 — Due to alkaline-retardationthe body can’t store proper voltageand enters a state of oxidative-stress

*Oxidative Stress further depletes electrons (voltage), and therefor oxygen

3 — As oxidative stress continues, inflammation rises

*Inflammation consumes oxygen as fuel — decreasing oxygen even further


— IMPERFECT CELL MEMBRANES = Low Voltage & Low Oxygen.

— LOW V+O = inability to properly neutralize toxins.

— TOXINS = damaging oxidative stress & inflammation.

– *which lower oxygen & cellular voltage (further)

*Each time the cycle repeats, things get WORSE and health generally declines…

Over time, this compounds – creating a “butterfly effect” and your body begins to breakdown rapidly, towards death via disease.

But the main caveat here is:

Oxidative-Stress” SPEEDS-UP the deprivation of cellular Voltage & Oxygen!”

You see — as free radical damage occurs and cells and tissues are damaged, our bodies attempt to clear away the damage… this results in necessary inflammation to break down the damaged tissue needing to be “cleared.”

The problem — is the inflammation also unintentionally damages surrounding healthy tissue — leading to more damage!

Meaning, inflammation that is attempting to aid your body — leads to new secondary inflammation and oxidative stress….. destroying your body in the process!

Which results in more and MORE voltage and oxygen needed for repair! (*further draining your cells of voltage & oxygen!)

In addition to this…

A continued-cycle of inflammation damages our cell membranes even further!

Here’s why:

An ongoing cycle of oxidative stress leads to further oxidation of lipids that make up each cell membrane!

The result?

An even DEEPER state of alkaline-retardation! (*and even-LOWER ability to store necessary voltage!!)

(…And now you then have an even greater disability to produce new cells that work!)

Oxidized Lipids = DEAD CELL WALLS —> Oxidative Stress —>

Starved Cells —> Inability to produce new cells that work

As This Cycle Continues it —

Shortens Your Lifespan Potential By The DAY!

Oxidative-stress is commonly referred to as the “aging-accelerator”.

This is because your longevity is dictated by the length of your telomeres —

Telomeres are part of human cells that affect how fast we age and how long we live. They are caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes.

And Oxidative stress shrinks your telomeres!

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