5 things you will need to have a Healthy lifestyle and live Cancer Free

To Live Your Best Healthy Lifestyle Possible and remain Cancer free,

You will Need to:Be able to Make New Cells that Work Properly!

This requires escaping a condemning state of alkaline-retardation.

To supercharge your body back to it’s highest potential —

You’ll need these 5 things:

1.  Healthy Cell Membranes! (transfer and store oxygen in your cells)

2. — Raise your Oxygen levels! (by increasing your Voltage)

3. — Increase your voltage! (by putting electrons in your body)

4, — All materials & nutrients to create New Cells that work properly!

5. — Powerful Antioxidants to escape deadly oxidative stress cycle!

(*And if you’re a severely compromised individual, you’ll likely also need to: )

— Restore your mineral count

— Right nutrients to produce more neuro-chemicals

— Even more electrons (voltage) to aid in hormone regulation

— Micro-sized solutions that can be absorbed (*even with leaky gut and/or stressed-liver)

And there is the simplest “all-in-one” solution….

.. The Natural Health Community Relies on solutions Like These:

Things like:

  • Raising your “PH” with Alkaline Foods…
  • Oxygenating your body with things like diet, “ozone” or food grade hydrogen peroxide…
  • Essential Fatty Acids (like omega 3 & 6) to support healthy cells…
  • Antioxidants – to counter oxidative stress and neutralize “free-radicals”…

Now, these are all GREAT things to do…

there are all great places to start! You must educate yourself to what works best for you. Always consult with a doctor that you trust before starting a regiment you believe can help you!

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